Preclinical pharmacology

Rodent behaviour and metabolism

  • Infrastructure for in vivo and in vitro preclinical, pharmacological research
  • Expertise in cardiovascular and central nervous system disorders
  • Drug discovery and Intellectual Property management

Translational neuropharmacology

Pathway analysis from flies to humans

  • Infrastructure for preclinical and clinical, genetic and behavioural neuropharmacological research
  • Expertise in genetic and environmental factors influencing brain energy metabolism in neurological disorders

Applied mitochondrial research

Mitochondrial functionality assessment

  • Infrastructure for mitochondria assay development and research
  • Expertise in assaying of mitochondria function by simultaneous respirometry and fluorometry

Clinical neuropsychiatry

Neuroimaging development

  • Infrastructure for ultra-highfield neuroimaging system
  • Expertise in  research on brain metabolic changes in human patients with neurological disorders


Clinical neuroscience

Patient-based neuroimaging

  • Infrastructure for widely established neuroimaging systems
  • Expertise in clinical trial management as well as sepsis and infection, aging and age-related diseases and medical photonics