Work packages

WP 1 Energy metabolism & cognition     Lead Partner: UU

WP1 is focused on sharing best practices in preclinical and clinical research around brain energy metabolism and its connection to neurological disorders. Specialised trainings on advanced, state-of-the-art technologies applied in preclinical and clinical research will be organized. In addition, educational events on clinical trial management and translational medicine will further foster the translational capabilities of LIOS and partner institutions. WP1 aims to establish the transnational task force in the research of brain energy metabolism in health and disease.

WP 2 Mitochondrial fitness & neuronal functions    Lead Partner: OI

WP2 is focused on the application of mitochondrial functionality measurements in the research of brain energy metabolism. Special attention is paid to the mitochondrial research translation from preclinical models to clinical application. The aim of the training activities and workshops within WP2 is to facilitate the incorporation of modern innovative methods in mitochondrial research into ongoing research projects, share experience and transfer critical know-how to increase research capacities. In addition, based on the knowledge obtained during implementation of WP2, a platform (Task 2.5) for the evaluation of mitochondria-related effects of drugs applied for intervention against neuropsychiatric disorders will be developed.

WP 3 Novel targets & method development    Lead Partner: LIOS

WP3 will improve the scientific and innovative excellence of LIOS researchers in functional pharmacology. Additional focus will be put on life-long learning and updated education on ethical guidelines and regulations as well as biostatistics in order to enhance the career development of early-stage researchers. Furthermore, a summer school and symposium will be dedicated to novel drug target identification as well as strategies for drug discovery for the treatment of metabolic and neuropsychiatric disorders. Overall, WP3 aims to highlight LIOS as a leading centre of cutting-edge and responsible research & innovation in functional pharmacology in the region.

WP 4 Career development of early stage researchers    Lead Partner: LIOS

WP4 is focused on promotion of early stage researchers. WP4 is consisting of four Tasks aimed to increase the knowledge, skills and competitiveness of early stage researchers, which will be trained through specialised workshops and seminars and will include topics for research ethics, leadership training, project management, conflict management, negotiation, intellectual property and scientific communication. The main attention will be paid to scientific writing, international networking and mobility. There will be established mentoring scheme/platform with mentors from consortium that will help in evaluating and building a strong CV for early stage researchers.

WP 5 Dissemination & promotion    Lead Partner: LIOS

Throughout the project implementation, significant attention will be paid to outreach towards the scientific community and the general public in order to ensure that the best practice in research represented by FAT4BRAIN broadly spills over to other stakeholders. An important part of WP5 is the maintenance of communication channels, organisation of various public events like Café Scientifique and information days as well as the promotion of FAT4BRAIN progress. WP5 aims, by different means, to increase the visibility of FAT4BRAIN and research at LIOS for the international research community.

WP 6 Management & coordination    Lead Partner: LIOS

WP6 incorporates duties covering all aspects of project monitoring, reporting as well as administration, and ensuring proper communication within the consortium as well as maintaining the communication with the European Commission. At the kick-off meeting in M1, the Executive Board and the project external Advisory Board will be established as well as the Focus area leads will be nominated. The operation of the project including day-to-day management, communication and reporting takes place under the umbrella of WP6 Management and coordination. The Executive Board and External Advisory Board will meet once a year at FAT4BRAIN-organised events to review the project progress, research quality improvements and the innovation impact. Specific focus will be set on the evaluation of the progress in the implementation of novel preclinical testing models at LIOS, translation of assays and new experiences resulting from the project’s educational and training activities.

WP 7 Ethics    Lead Partner: LIOS

WP7 is implemented to monitor following ethics issues: human cells/tissues, protection of personal data, animals. In case if during project implementation mentioned ethics issues will occur, the required procedures for ethics will be implemented and copies of required documents will be submitted as deliverables.