Project Overview

Networking for excellence in functional pharmacology to study the role of fatty acid metabolism in neurological disorders


Acronym: FAT4BRAIN
Programme: H2020-EU.4.b. - Twinning of research institutions
Call reference: H2020-WIDESPREAD-2018-03
Grant agreement ID: 857394

Implementation period: 01.11.2019 31.10.2022
Project coordinator: Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis
Project partners:

Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis  

Uppsala University

Oroboros Instruments

Eberhard Karls Universitaet Tuebingen

Universitaetsklinik Jena

Coordinator: Professor Maija Dambrova
Manager: Dr. Edgars Liepiņš

Total Funding: 799 406.25 EUR

The Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS) is in great need to enhance its scientific performance and this could be accomplished through stronger international collaboration within the defined National RIS3 specialization in biomedicine. Latvia is performing well below the EU-average in terms of research excellence and innovation scoreboard. The FAT4BRAIN project builds cooperation between LIOS from the Widening region and world leading partners in translational neuropharmacology (Uppsala University, Sweden), metabolism and neuropsychiatric imaging research (Eberhard Karls University Tuebingen, Germany), ageing and molecular imaging (Jena University Hospital), as well as innovative mitochondria research (Oroboros Instruments, Austria).

The aim of FAT4BRAIN is to establish a network of excellence focused on the pivotal and common role of fatty acid metabolism in the development of neurological disorders, a topic of highest biomedical and societal concern. The concerted research activities aim at deciphering novel mechanisms and developing new treatment strategies against these devastating diseases.

FAT4BRAIN will use a multidisciplinary functional pharmacology approach to promote cutting-edge research in this field. A comprehensive set of activities including workshops, expert meetings and dedicated trainings for early-stage researchers will enhance knowledge-bridging and networking. FAT4BRAIN activities will specifically focus on strengthening capacities in areas that need improvement at LIOS, using the three partners’ excellence and experience.

Dissemination of results to the research community, industry partners and public through presentations at conferences, media outputs as well as high impact publications will be facilitated by the partners’ extraordinary reputation and high-impact profile.

Importantly, the research excellence of the partnering institutions together with the targeted activities of FAT4BRAIN will help LIOS to improve their own research profile by increasing methodological capacities in preclinical and translational research and improving scientific output in terms of publications of highest quality and impact.