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    Fatty acids and their intermediates and derivatives have been recognized as crucial mediators of brain health. Consequently, disturbances in brain fatty acid metabolism are highly implicated in different aspects of neuronal dysfunction.

    The thematic area of FAT4BRAIN is focused on the pivotal and common role of mitochondria-related fatty acid metabolism for the development of neurological disorders, a topic of highest biomedical and societal concern. The concerted research activities aim at deciphering novel mechanisms and developing new treatment strategies against these devastating diseases.

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    • Early-stage and career researchers discuss family and career balance-related issues

      The 3rd workshop in a workshop series „How to become a successful researcher?” titled „Family and career” was held online on February 25, 2022.

      As revealed with the questionnaire, how to better handle family and career balance is one of the main questions that early-stage and career researchers are struggling with. Therefore, this workshop was organised to discuss several important family and career balance-related issues.

      The workshop was based on real-life examples from both experienced and young researchers and was organised as an open discussion platform. The invited speaker Dr. Valeria Lulla (University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK) and speakers from the partner institutions Dr. Cristiane Cecatto and Dr. Luiza Cardoso (OI, Innsbruck, Austria), Dr. Antons Sizovs (LIOS, Riga, Latvia) and Dr. Bianca Besteher (UKJ, Jena, Germany) agreed to share their personal life experiences to young researchers. Speakers went through several important life and career stages that included maternity-paternity leave, issues related to relocation and traveling with family to another country, main struggles regarding balancing between work and family as well as importance of parent roles through specific life stages. The workshop included also an information provided by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) and was focused on the comparison between gender-specific family and career balance-related issues, especially those in Austria, Germany, Latvia and Sweden. As expected, the workshop resulted in a very interesting and fruitful discussion.

    • LIOS researchers visiting Uppsala University

      LIOS researchers attended 2 trainings in January 2022 organized by Uppsala University

      In January FAT4BRAIN participants from LIOS spent one week at Uppsala University to take part in 2 trainings.

      On January 17-19th the training in Drosophila genetics and behavior took place. During the visit four early-stage researchers (LIOS) learned about Drosophila handling, molecular analysis techniques and behavioral tests. Training also covered the effects of genetic and environmental manipulations on fly phenotypes, and methodologically how this can be assessed through examining fly mutants. Overall, LIOS team got first-hand understanding of how to utilize Drosophila for preclinical research, and now is in the process of establishing their own fly laboratory.

      On January 20-21st twelve LIOS researchers completed practical part of the course on Laboratory Animal Science (LAS) Education and Training. The course covered the principles of the 3R's (replacement, reduction, refinement), animal welfare and ethical argumentation concerning research animals as well as laboratory animal handling, biology and experimental techniques and alternatives to animal experiments. Overall, the visit to Uppsala University allowed early-career researchers to obtain new knowledge and practical skills working with laboratory animals and was a great opportunity for experienced researchers to test and prove their long-term experience working with rodents.