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    Fatty acids and their intermediates and derivatives have been recognized as crucial mediators of brain health. Consequently, disturbances in brain fatty acid metabolism are highly implicated in different aspects of neuronal dysfunction.

    The thematic area of FAT4BRAIN is focused on the pivotal and common role of mitochondria-related fatty acid metabolism for the development of neurological disorders, a topic of highest biomedical and societal concern. The concerted research activities aim at deciphering novel mechanisms and developing new treatment strategies against these devastating diseases.

  • News

    • Workshop on biostatistics and bioinformatics

      FAT4BRAIN training in the basic usage of R programming language and biostatistics took place on November 3-5th, 2021

      The Unit of Functional Pharmacology, Uppsala University, provided training for LIOS researchers in the basic usage of R programming languages and biostatistics, which serve as useful tools in the management of large-scale data analysis. Lectures and practical tasks were used to familiarize researchers with R and RStudio software. During the course researchers got the introduction to basic commands and practiced in script writing. Moreover, researchers developed a firm grasp of basic statistics as well as how to practically implement them in statistical packages. Taking into account large data is being stored in databases, gained bioinformatics skills gave LIOS reesearchers a solid understanding of the vast array of different types of databases that are available and on how to interpret different types of results.

    • Workshop on brain energy metabolism in emotion and cognition

      Workshop hosted with lectures and scientific discussion on brain metabolism took place on September 7th, 2021

      The workshop was hosted by Eberhard Karls Universitaet Tuebingen in collaboration with Universitaetsklinik Jena. The lectures focused on the brain function, metabolism and inflammation were given by the researchers from Universitaetsklinik Jena, Eberhard Karls Universitaet Tuebingen and invited speakers. 63 participants from partner instutions and collaborators found out about brain metabolism and inflammation crosstalk, and how state-of-the-art neuroimaging techniques can help in the investigation of the neuronal changes induced by mental disorders as well as through drug challenge.