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    Fatty acids and their intermediates and derivatives have been recognized as crucial mediators of brain health. Consequently, disturbances in brain fatty acid metabolism are highly implicated in different aspects of neuronal dysfunction.

    The thematic area of FAT4BRAIN is focused on the pivotal and common role of mitochondria-related fatty acid metabolism for the development of neurological disorders, a topic of highest biomedical and societal concern. The concerted research activities aim at deciphering novel mechanisms and developing new treatment strategies against these devastating diseases.

  • News

    • FAT4BRAIN partners participate in a symposium organized by Jena University Hospital

      FAT4BRAIN symposium on Long COVID-19 and acetylcarnitine: From preclinical models to clinical applications and translation potential, October 20-21, 2022

      In October, FAT4BRAIN partners participated in the symposium hosted by Jena University Hospital in Jena, Germany. The lectures covered the biochemical and clinical aspects of long-term symptoms of COVID-19, the difference between acylcarnitines and acetylcarnitine, the association of acylcarnitine with depression, and gave novel insights into mitochondrial respiratory function in various blood cells. The lectures were given by Bianca Besteher, Senior psychiatrist at Universitätsklinikum Jena; Prof. Maija Dambrova, LIOS, Latvia; PhD Jörgen Jonsson Uppsala University; Assoc. prof. Yuri Milaneschi, Department of Psychiatry of Amsterdam UMC and colleagues from Oroboros Innstruments PhD Cristiane Cecatto and PhD Mateus Grings. In addition, the FAT4BRAIN project partners could attend a guided tour through research facilities of Jena University Hospital and learn more about various neuroimaging methods and application of neurostimulation in treatment of psychiatric disorders. Furthermore, there was an opportunity to learn more about the development of neuroscience from a historical perspective. The participants enjoyed this symposium and were very happy to meet each other on site in Jena and discuss the remaining events of the Fat4Brain project as well as possible collaborations in the future.

    • Early-stage researchers visit LIOS for Summer school in functional pharmacology

      Summer school in functional pharmacology to study the role of fatty acid metabolism in the brain, June 6-10, 2022

      In the beginning of June Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis hosted a Summer school in functional pharmacology mainly dedicated to early-stage researchers. The Summer school started off with an interactive board game on drug development “TEST TUBES TO TABLETS” led by Keith J Williams from KW Drug Development. Speakers from LIOS, Prof. M.Dambrova, Dr. O. Pugovics, Prof. K. Jaudzems and Dr. E. Liepinsh shared their experience in drug discovery projects and gave lectures on the applicable methods and models that are developed and widely used at LIOS. Prof. H. Schiöth from Uppsala University gave a comprehensive talk on drug target classes, and a specific session was held with him to discuss how to prepare for a job interview. Participants of the Summer school also had the opportunity to share their work in a poster session and short oral presentations, as well as gain new experience in hands-on workshops on histology, behavioural studies, bioanalytical methods, statistics, and data visualization. Overall, the participants of the Summer school enjoyed gaining new knowledge, valuable discussions and networking throughout the event and were happy to meet face-to-face.